Welcome to our newsletter. Here we will update you on the latest news of interest within 98.6 Sound. It will include inventory additions, events supported and other items of note.

Mar 2019
2019 has started off with a bang! We have been approved for Maryland's Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Disadvantaged Business (DBE)  and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certification. This was a tall administrative task, but well worth the effort. In addition to the certs, we've registered with a significant number of counties and municipalities throughout Maryland, DC and Virginia.

It's been a while since we've done sales with the federal government, however we've completed steps to renew this connection. 98.6 is now listed on and the Small Business Administration. Our other lenghty administrative task is also now complete. We are now a certified Veteran Owned Small Business!

We have joined the Maryland Business Connection (MBX) networking group. MBX hosts 20-25 networking luncheons and happy hour events each month throughout the state of Maryland. Events are free for members and 1st time guests and lunch (or happy hour food) is provided. Each event is typically attended by 20-35 local business professionals. We plan to take full advatange of our membership.

Nov 2018
We continue to increase our inventory into the audiovisual aspect of the company. We've added two more projection screens. These screens are widescreen (16x9) format and are front/rear projection screens.  Additionally we've added HDMI switchers and splitters, as well as more staging pieces to round out the AV purchases for this year. One of our events with the new screens was something a bit different, a private home outdoor movie party. That was a nice gig!

In October we began the process of applying for Maryland's Disadvantaged Business (DBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) and Small Business Enterprise (SBE) certifications. This is a very detailed and lengthy process, but we feel it's well worth it. Our application has been accepted and processed, and we have completed the "in-person" investigation. This is about the halfway mark, hopefully all will be approved in the next month or so. We believe we will qualify for all 3 certifications. This should open up opportunities for state and local government contracts. Additionally, we've initiated the process for getting our Veteran Owned Business certification.

Our CEO has been selected a second year as a Director for the Laurel Board of Trade. We also received an Appreciated Award  for our support of the 2018 Laurel Back to School Jam.

Apr 2018
During the fall of last year we were honored by the Laurel Board of Trade as 2017 Business of the Year. We are very proud of receiving this recognition.

Near the end of 2017, we had the opportunity to provide sound for a show that headlined  national recording artist Kenny Lattimore, he was fantastic. The show also feautured local recording artist Carronne Jones, as always... she had a stellar performenace. We also had a chance to utilize a second Soundcraft Performer 3 digital mixer we recently purchased. This show had a Performer 3 at FOH and at the monitor position, it worked out great.

In addition to the Soundcraft Performer 3, we 've recently added a Soundcraft Signature analog mixer for smaller events, higher model Sennheiser lavalier mics and a Zildgian "S" Series cymbal package to our backline inventory.

Sep 2017
During our spring/summer season, we've returned to provide sound for some our largest events. These include Laurel's Main Street Festival, the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life,  Laurel's Back to School Jam and the Catonsville 4th of July concert. This years' Back to School Jam was changed a bit and added a movie night. The movie night addition turned out great and with the sound coming through our system, it was fanatasic. The B2S Jam continues to get better each year.

A few nice items have been added to our inventory. We've added another powerful Crown Macrotech amp, some all-terrain staging pieces, a couple of projection screens and more powered speakers, which includes a very impressive 15" powered sub by JBL.

Mar 2017
Our DoD contract with Noc Technologies has now cleared all requirements and been given all the internal tools/processes necessary to fully support the Air Force. We are now in our groove with this exciting contract. Certifications acquired for this contract: A+, CTS and CEV (Society of Broadcast Engineers).

Back for our 3rd year as the audiovisual company supporting the Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelery National Launch-Maryland. This year's location was changed to Columbia, MD, but more importantly we've added more new gear to our inventorty. We now have  the Roland VR-50HD multi-format AV mixer and new Hitachi short throw projectors, both were used on this event. The Roland can handle pretty much any video format thrown its way; HD/SD-SDI, VGA, Composite and HDMI.

Dec 2016
EXCITING NEWS!!! 98.6 Sound has been brought on as a contractor with Noc Technologies in support of the Department of Defense for a 5 year multi-million dollar contract. 98.6 Sound will provide audiovisual engineering services at the Pentagon.

The City of Catonsville brought us back a 2nd year for their Santa's Arrival event. This year we added outdoor video projection showing holiday movies. The success of this event generated a new, outdoor New Years Eve event. The NYE event featured a popular local band and as a really different idea, we played a live video feed of the New Years Eve celebration from Paris, France. Everyone thought it was a very cool idea.

We were contracted by Lomax AME of Arington, VA for our 2nd large multi-media production this year. The event was a banquet celebrating the church's 150th anniversary. We provided the total package for this event: sound for the event, to include a worship band, lighting, pipe & drape and video projection.

98.6 Sound was back to provide DJ services for the Army's Military Police Ball again. It's looking like this will be an annual event for us. We knocked it out the park again!

Sep 2016
We've added a Tascam SS-200 Solid State Recorder and another JBL STX815M to our inventory. The STX815 completes our inventory goal for this model.

98.6 Sound, the Laurel Board of Trade and the City of Laurel initiated and sponsors the Back 2 School Jam. Laurel is now in its 4th year of the Back to School Jam. This year we distributed over 700 bags of school supplies. Walmart/Sam's Club continues to be our premiere sponsor of this event, however the list of sponors continues to grow. Music was provided by DJ Aggie and the Sofistic8d Band from Morgan State University.

We are  now in our 8th year as a proud sponsor and service provider for the American Cancer's Society's Relay for Life Fundraiser in Laurel, MD.  

It's always a great time in support of the Catonsville 4th of July concert and fireworks show. We were rained out for the 4th, but got it in on the 5th.This year we provided sound for multiple acts as the celebration continues to grow in patronage. Hope to see Catonsville again next year.

Jun 2016
March thru June brought in a number of service/installations jobs for churches. Since installation projects are a small portion of what we do and can be very time consuming, we aproach these on a case-by-case basis.  One such church was ready to expand the inputs to their mixer, however this would require the purchase of a larger mixer. Initially, they had settled on buying a 32 channel analog mixer. We highly suggested the benefits of purchasing a digital mixer instead. They went with  our advice and recommendation of the  Soundcraft Si Impact digital mixer. We handled the installation and made recommendations on microphones and direct boxes that they will purchase in the near future. The church is extremely happy with their new purchases, as are we.

Again we took care of  production services for the city of Laurel's largest annual event, the Laurel Main Street Festival. This year's headliner was Laurel's own " the Legendary Cloud 9". In the last couple of  years, the jazz-fusion group has "blown up". They have already recorded their fisrt album and have been on tour. The weather started out a little shaky as usual, but unlike the last few previuos years it quickly turned into a great day for the festival.

Mar 2016
This year starts with the addition of new LED lighting to the inventory. We had purposely kept lighting purchases to a minimum, but with just about everything getting smaller and more powerful, it was time to take a small leap into lighting world. Also added was more A/V gear, which included VGA distribution amps, a whole lot of VGA cable and other A/V gadgets. Though VGA is on its way out, it still has significant use in audiovisual productions.

Again 98.6 Sound is selected as sound provider for the Maryland Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry national launch (convention), held at Martins's Crosswinds in Greenbelt, MD. Several launches were held throughout the country, Maryland being the largest. However, this year 98.6 Sound was tapped to cover the production of the entire event. This not only included sound, but lighting, video projection & media production, lighting and disc jockey services. Additionally, the Maryland launch welcomed CEO, Dr. Traci Lynn. It was an aswesome event.

Dec 2015
We have added the Pioneer DDJ-SR DJ Controller to our inventory. We are finally transistioning from CD based music playback to laptop based. We did try it earlier with a more basic Numark unit as a test bed, it worked great. Unfortunately, loading all the music is quite the task. We have gotten a lot of our library loaded,  but still more to go.

Happy New Year!

Oct 2015
August marks the beginning of the end of summer and starts the process of kids returning to school. 98.6 Sound in collaboration with the Laurel Board of Trade and the City of Laurel initiated and sponsored the Back 2 School Jam. This event provides not only a fun time, but also free school supplies to the students of Laurel. The city is now in its 3rd year of the Back to School Jam. This year's entertainment was the always energetic Slagz Band from Baltimore, MD.

In September we added a few more small Yamaha MG series mixers to the inventory and submitted our first proposal to the state of Maryland for a Request for Quote (audiovisual) in support of a Dept of Education conference. Unfortunately, we didn't win the contract. However, it was exciting going through the process and we plan to continue to seek out more of these opportunities.

We had the opportunity to provide disc jockey and engineering services for the Army's Military Police Ball. It was not only a very nice event, but visually pleasing as well. Seeing military members in their dress blues and accompanying spouses in formal gowns and suits was awesome.

Jul 2015
As we entered into May, we provided production services for the city of Laurel's largest annual event, the Laurel Main Street Festival. This is our 5th consecutive year as the sound and entertainment provider for the main stage, which also hosts the reviewing area for the event's kick-off parade. A very welcomed piece to the event was a new and much larger stage.  This year's headliner was the Fruition Experience Band from Baltimore, MD.

98.6 Sound is now in its 7th year as a proud sponsor and service provider for the American Cancer's Society's Relay for Life Fundraiser in Laurel, MD. This year we were selected to also provide services for Odenton, Maryland's Relay for Life. In Odenton our support began in the afternoon and ran non-stop until the next morning. Odenton's event included multiple live acts and video presentations via IMAG screens. We hope to be there next year.

It's always a great time in support of the Catonsville 4th of July concert and fireworks show. This year we were asked to expand our coverage area, as the celebration continues to grow in patronage. The City of Catonsville, MD presents one of the best fireworks shows we've ever seen.

Apr 2015
January through March is typically our slow season. In the mid-Atlantic region this year it seemed that old man winter did not want to leave. We always use this time for training and equipment maintenance, as well as cleaning our inventory pieces to ensure a nice professional look.

We again had the opportunity to provide sound for another national recording artist, this time it was Avery Sunshine. She's not only a great singer, but an accomplished keyboardist. Ms. Sunshine brought to the stage several songs from her sophomore album, which included the performance of her hit single "Call my name".

In April we received a call from a church that we had installed a sound system into over 10 years ago. The church was about to begin a major renovation and wanted the sound system removed and reinstalled after the work was completed. The call came from our original point of contact, she stated that she was elated that we were still in business and had grown a lot since the install. The call was short notice, but we made sure we got it done. We look forward to the reinstall work and future business from this client.

 Jan 2015
Welcomes the addition of the Soundcraft Performer 3 digital mixer and companion Stagebox 32. The Performer joins our Soundcraft Expression 2 as another update to our digital mixer inventory. Last year we retired our Yamaha LS9-32 after many years of excellent service.

After years of using the Shure SM57and then switching to the Audix i5 for micing guitar amps, we recently added the Sennheiser E609 and its big brother the E906. We now know why so many have switched to these microphones for micing up guitar amps.

Provided sound for one of our favorite singers, Maysa Leak formally of the England based Incognito R&B/Jazz band. First show for our STX812M monitors. They were used for the 3pc horn section in Maysa's opener Kevin Jackson and his 10pc band, providing a stellar performance. This was also the first use of our Sennheiser SKM500-965 wireless condenser microphone, the quality of this microphone was immediately noticeable. Awesome concert!

Expands our inventory to support audiovisual requirements. We now offer 3000 lumens HD projectors and an 8-input Analog Way seamless switcher for laptops & computers using VGA connections.

98.6 Sound is selected as Maryland's sound provider for Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry's first national launch (convention). Several launches were held throughout the country, Maryland being the largest.

 Dec 2014
Increases inventory of  condenser microphones; AKG C535, Audio Technica Pro 35, Audio Technica ATM710, Sennheiser SKM500-965 Wireless and another Shure KSM-137.

Adds the JBL STX812M monitor, joining the current inventory of STX815M and SRX712M monitors.

One of our staff visits SAE Institute in New York City to attend a free seminar on the Presonus StudioLive 32.4.2AI digital mixer. We own a couple of Presonus mixers and have been very happy with them, however ours are pre "AI". This gave us the opportunity to get a closer look at the "AI" features. We like the updated features, however we as so many others feel Presonus should have included motorized faders, recallable preamps and the ability to add a digital stagebox/snake. The motorized faders not being on the two smaller mixers is not much of a big deal IMO, but definetly a benefit for the 24 & 32 channel versions. When using the fader locate function, its a little quirky. However, their IPad app is still one of the best.

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